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Sealer Recommendation

by NewLook Admin on 06/18/12

Dear Customer,

NewLook's stains are compatible with many types of sealers, including epoxies, acrylics and even urethanes. Of course, our sealers are manufactured to be compatible with our stains.

NewLook does not recommend using sealers with hot solvents, unless they are used after our stains have had at least 7 to 8 days to cure (preferably more). Hot solvents have a flash point BELOW 100 degrees; they are considered
flammable and can potentially compromise the bond of our stains. Acetone, for example, has a flash point of approximately -20 degrees and Xylene has a flash point of about 80 degrees. Both of these solvents are below the 100 mark.

If a solvent based
sealer has a flash point ABOVE 100 degrees then it is NOT considered a "hot solvent" and it is only combustible. These sealers may be used after our stains have had 24 hours to cure.

There have been a lot of questions from customers about methyl methacrylates, for example. In fact, it isn't really the methyl methacrylate you should worry about; rather it's the solvent used to dissolve it that needs to be considered. However, if we've had issues with a solvent based sealer in the past it seems the strongest common denominator is that it was a methyl methacrylate.

We realize there is a desire on some customers' part to try to push the envelope when it comes to a manufacturer's recommendation. To this, we can only say they would be rolling the dice. We strongly recommend customers stick to the NewLook system to avoid any problems. Fortunately, NewLook is developing an acrylic urethane and we hope to spit it out of the R&D pipeline soon. This should help for applications that call for a more durable
sealer than our water-based acrylic SmartSeal.


NewLook Management

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