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How To’s – Preparation

Preparation, the MOST important step!   Let’s start by emphasizing the importance of preparation. Please keep this in mind every time you are working with NewLook. Proper preparation of the concrete surface is key to the long-term success of NewLook and most any other concrete coating. Do not take shortcuts! They will come back to haunt you! Here is a list of the most common issues that can cause coatings to fail. The Problem: Surface is

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How To Restore Water Stained Concrete

How To Restore Water Stained Concrete Why spend the cost of tearing out old stained concrete, when you can just restore it? Restoring concrete is easy with NewLook’s line of EnduraStain concrete stains.     This small concrete patio looks as though it had some water-staining issues and because of this, discoloration. So by using NewLook stains Kevin Brown was able to correct the varying concrete and make it more uniform.   After prepping the

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Picturesque Diamond Concrete Pathways

Picturesque Diamond Concrete Pathways   Have you ever wondered what the most picturesque yard could look like? Well, search no more because we have found it!! These diamond concrete pathways are amazing! Marie Ciaffa of New Jersey, a DIY customer, has achieved such a feat with her yard and concrete walkways, that we just had to brag about it!   Marie’s yard on its own is simply beautiful, but she decided a few months back to take on a daring

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Outdoor Bar – Concrete Counter Top

Outdoor Bar – Concrete Counter Top    As the summer approaches many are getting ready for the summer and the entertaining that goes with it.  Many people love to entertain outside when the weather is nice and NewLook customer Patrick Harwood is no exception.  In the Spring of 2015, Patrick took it upon himself to pour and stain a concrete counter top for his outdoor bar.   He used Faux Fusion in Poseidon Blue over

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Seahawks Fan Stains Personal Basketball Court

Seahawks Fan does Renovation to Personal Basketball Court Football fans love to show their loyalty to their favorite team in different ways, which is exactly what this customer did. Rod Smith, a Washington contractor, was commissioned to help this FANatic with his project to turn his basketball court into a canvas for his beloved team, the Seattle Seahawks.   Rod went to Valley Supply in Puyallup, WA, a NewLook distributor, and ordered specialty colors in SeaHawk Gray, Light Gray, Blue and Green in EnduraStain to

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Pool Decks – Concrete Restoration

Pool Decks – Concrete Restoration A stunning example in concrete restoration by Kevin Brown.  This pool deck was so dated and was in need of repair, so Kevin was called in to makeover this out of style pool deck.   Kevin started by cleaning the concrete thoroughly and made sure the surface was porous enough to accept product.  He brushed on the Base color of Endura Stain in Beach House (233) with a NewLook applicator brush.  After

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How to Restore a Stamped Concrete Patio

How to Restore a Stamped Concrete Patio This old stamped concrete patio was in desperate need of attention and renovation.  It had been previously stained, but the it was worn, discolored and very unattractive. Decorative concrete can be fickle. Sometimes it can be overworked with different stains and look displeasing. Other times simplicity is best, which in this case, was the best thing.  Kevin Brown was commissioned to restore this well used patio, by re-staining and

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How to Restore Concrete Pool Decks

How to Restore Concrete Pool Decks Decorative concrete can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to use or how to go about it.  For example, this dingy pool concrete deck was in need of some real time and attention. The concrete deck was plain, weathered, discolored and out-dated. It needed something to make it attractive again, but the owners were not sure where to start. As a result, Kevin Brown – decorative concrete contractor in

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