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Say good-bye to muriatic acid etching and all it’s problems! NewLook QuickEtch is a biodegradable concrete etching compound specially designed to etch concrete floors, both green (fresh) and mature concrete. The depth of the concrete etching achieved with this product is the same as hydrochloric or muriatic acid with 80% less odor and a more uniform etch than liquid concrete etching materials.

QuickEtch is safer to use than hydrochloric or muriatic acid. The residue is easily removed by rinsing with water. The gel form of QuickEtch provides no dust compared with sandblasting, grinding or shotblasting. (QuickEtch is NOT to be used as a cleaner; Rather, use EcoAcid as an exfoliating concrete cleanser.)

Use QuickEtch with Modello’s easy to-use decorative masking stencils to etch a non-slip decorative concrete pattern. The longer you leave QuickEtch on the suface, the deeper the etch. Want to learn how to etch concrete floors? Join us at a product demo training.


  • 1 gallon: Covers approximately 50-150 sq ft (5-9 sq meters)
  • 5 gallons: Covers approximately 250-750 sq ft (25-45 sq meters)
  • 55 gallons: Covers approximately 2750-8250 sq ft (275-495 sq meters)

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