Seahawks Fan Stains Personal Basketball Court

Seahawks Fan Stains Personal Basketball Court

Seahawks Fan does Renovation to Personal Basketball Court

Football fans love to show their loyalty to their favorite team in different ways, which is exactly what this customer did. Rod Smith, a Washington contractor, was commissioned to help this FANatic with his project to turn his basketball court into a canvas for his beloved team, the Seattle Seahawks.

Rod went to Valley Supply in Puyallup, WA, a NewLook distributor, and ordered specialty colors in SeaHawk Gray, Light Gray, Blue and Green in EnduraStain to accomplish this spectacular feat.   After prepping the concrete court. A stencil of the Seahawks logo was put down in the middle of the court and stained. By doing samples beforehand, Rod and his team made sure the colors were exact, before applying them to the area.


The end result was incredible! Everyone’s time and patience paid off!  The court was beautifully done and the customer is pleased with how it turned out.  The basketball court not only pays homage to the Seahawks, but it’s a great reminder of what can be accomplished in decorative concrete with a little creativity, patience and ambition.  Rod, you and your team did a fantastic job! NewLook is proud that we could be apart of it.  Great job!!!

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