Picturesque Diamond Concrete Pathways

Picturesque Diamond Concrete Pathways


Have you ever wondered what the most picturesque yard could look like? Well, search no more because we have found it!! These diamond concrete pathways are amazing! Marie Ciaffa of New Jersey, a DIY customer, has achieved such a feat with her yard and concrete walkways, that we just had to brag about it!


Marie’s yard on its own is simply beautiful, but she decided a few months back to take on a daring project to improve it.  She decided to be unconventional and stain the pathways around her property in a daring black and white diamond pattern, entirely by herself!  The results….breath-taking!


The project began by using Mean Klean Eco Acid to clean and exfoliate the concrete. Then followed by pressure washing the surface and masking off her pattern.  Endurastain in Black (207) and White (230) was applied to each diamond in an alternating pattern with a NewLook applicator brush.  The project was sealed with Shark Seal and SmartSeal AU-25 in Gloss,  just to give extra protection in all areas.  Although it took her some time and patience, Marie did say, ” I’m thrilled with the way it turned out, it was well worth all the work. The product worked great! Especially the quick dry time, that saved so much time.  I had to stain the diamonds three times to get the solid coverage, I was seeing diamonds in my sleep!” The concrete walkways have a very simple elegance to them and the results are beautiful!! You did a fantastic job Marie! Thank you for telling us about your project and for sending us these amazing pictures.

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