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How To’s – Sealing Concrete

How To’s – Sealing Concrete The life of your concrete is largely dependent on the environmental factors that it is subject to. Some basic, common sense practices, can help to extend the life of your concrete, and increase the amount

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Alabama Pigments Company and NewLook International join forces for blended integral color

NewLook International & Alabama Pigments Company Partnership     NewLook International and Alabama Pigments Company announce partnership for Ready Mix and Producer Division for West and Southwest Region. Salt Lake City, Utah – NewLook International, a decorative concrete stain manufacturer

Original Stain System vs. Endura Stain System from Jaime Villagomez

Original Stain System vs. Endura Stain System from Jaime Villagomez     Jaime Villagomez, our CEO, was asked to explain Original Stain system vs Endura Stain: Here are a few thoughts about the differences between the two systems. Flexibility in

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How To’s – Preparation

Preparation, the MOST important step! Let’s start by emphasizing the importance of preparation. Please keep this in mind every time you are working with NewLook. Proper preparation of the concrete surface is key to the long-term success of NewLook and most

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Winterizing Concrete with DriveHard

Winterizing Concrete with DriveHard     Winter is upon us, so it’s time to winterize your concrete! When rain, snow or ice settles into the cracks of concrete and/or saturates the substrate, concrete will shift and move every time freezing and thawing

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