DriveHard Instructions

How To Use DriveHard

1. The surface should be cured, clean and free of contaminants (e.g. loose debris, dust, dirt, oil, curing compounds, coatings, efflorescence) that would prevent DriveHard from penetrating and reacting with the concrete. Generally, contaminants may be removed using cleaners, degreasers or pressure washing. Consult your supplier for more information about surface preparation.
2. Allow surface to completely dry. Mask off and protect areas not meant to be treated.

Application Instructions
1. Mix DriveHard well or shake vigorously. If you begin to lose feeling in you limbs then you’re probably shaking it too hard. Just saying.
2. Apply with a sprayer or brush until surface is saturated without puddles. Avoid contact with surface while wet. DriveHard will begin to react immediately.
3. Immediately reapply a second coat on the wet surface for maximum benefit. Maximum strength and resistance will develop over several days. Keep surface saturated for at least 15 minutes or until surface no longer absorbs DriveHard.
4. Allow treated area to dry, generally 1 to 2 hours or more if excessive moisture is present. Once dry, you’re done. Restrict the use of floor traffic for at least 24 hours. Restrict elephant traffic for at least 48 hours.
5. A minimal amount of white, light dust may remain after DriveHard dries; if so, remove and clean with pressure washing.

COVERAGE & STORAGE: Approximately 200 square feet per gallon. Coverage rate will vary with concrete texture, porosity, finish and temperature. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place. In other words, if you have a 600 square foot driveway then you’ll need just 3 gallons of DriveHard. Simple, no?

NOTE: Excessive moisture or soluble salts from below the surface can compromise the quality of DriveHard’s reaction and protection. DriveHard will not prevent water penetration through structural cracks, large pores, etc. Always apply a test patch to determine suitability. Or you can just try licking you finger and sticking it in the air. Whatever.

WARRANTY: This product is manufactured using selected, premium raw materials by skilled technicians.