Graf-X Cleaner Instructions


Test surfaces before using; apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area. If surface marks, dulls, discolors, fades then DO NOT USE. Not recommended for used on varnished surfaces, non-colorfast materials or woodwork when not protected with Graf-X WB.


For Use on Porous Surfaces (e.g. Brick, Concrete, Stucco, Etc.):
Spray affected area thoroughly with standard pump sprayer equipment. Wait 3–5 minutes. Use a firm brush to loosen dried paint. Use hose to rinse off and wipe with a clean towel. For best results on problem areas, use a high-pressure spray washer.

For Use on Hard Surfaces (e.g. Street Signs, Tile, Etc.):
Spray affected area thoroughly. Wait approximately 60 seconds. Wipe with clean, disposable towel or cloth. Repeat if necessary.


Apply additional coats of Graf-X WB as needed. Use NewLook Graf-X Cleaner to remove graffiti and paint from either Graf-X WB or unsealed surfaces. Clean tools and equipment with xylene or mineral spirits.