Add a Custom Tint to the Translucent Enhancer

Contains concentrated pigment and allows customized tinting of the Translucent Enhancer concrete stain, as well as overlayments, epoxies and other sealers. Simply add some or all of a Color Additive Booster to the same color of the Translucent Color Enhancer for a more intense concentration of color hue.

The Color Additive Booster is also available in each of the same standard Translucent Color Enhancer colors on the Color Chart.

What the Booster can do for you

  • Darkens Translucent Color Enhancer tint/hue
  • Integral colorant for overlays, micro toppings and countertop mix

Resources & Packaging





2 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz.,
32 oz., & 1G.

Standard NewLook Colors

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