Endura Faux Fusion

NEW line of single component concrete stains that are highly durable and easy to use. Developed to stain concrete, restore faded concrete or maintain concrete, EnduraStain is affordable while being premium in quality & performance.

Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain

Endura™ Faux Fusion is a water-based semi-transparent concrete stain that uses special pigments to artistically enhance the look of flat or stamped concrete. Faux fusion is versatile and extremely easy to work with to create an “acid stain” or mottled look on both exterior and interior concrete. It is tough, durable, and will beautify patios, driveways, basement floors, walkways, pavers, stucco walls and other concrete-like surfaces.

  • Low Build Material
  • Highlights the highs and lows of stamped concrete
  • High Performance Semi-Transparent Stain
  • Get the “Acid Look” without the acid
  • Appears very natural upon application
  • Ready to Use Premium Contractor Grade

Application & Instructions

Stain may be applied with many application techniques and tools such as a NewLook applicator brush, microfiber pads, rollers and various sprayers. Stain will produce variegated or translucent color effects when applied in overlapping and random patterns. NOTE: Be sure to strain stain before using Faux Fusion in a sprayer.

  • Antiquing Stamped Surfaces: Apply the stain liberally over the stamped surface with a NewLook applicator brush or sprayer and allow the stain to settle in low-lying areas to highlight variable color intensities and the surface texture.
  • Faux Acid Look: Using a NewLook applicator brush, apply stain in various intensities with random motions to mottle the color. One or more colors may be used wet on wet or dry to achieve a color fusion.

Stain may be applied with a sprayer or can be applied on smooth surfaces with a microfiber pad in random motions. It may also be applied over Endura Solid Stain.

Resources & Packaging


1 gallon covers approximately 250 – 500 sq. feet (23 – 46 sq. meters) per coat


4oz,1q, 1G, 5G & 55G

Endura Faux Fusion Colors

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