Faux Combinations

Faux Finish with NewLook’s Water Based Concrete Stains

Decorative concrete stain includes more than just acid stain for faux finishing or “faux painting”, as some say. It includes water based concrete stain, like NewLook’s SmartColor, which can also be used to faux marble or create other faux finishes.

NewLook Concrete Color Maintenance System:
– Easy to use and install
– Easily duplicate acid stain effects and faux finishes
– Reliable, non-reactive stain colors
– Long-lasting, durable finish; UV-resistant
– Large variety of opaqeu and translucent stain colors
– Non-acid; non-reactive; no acid-free sprayers required
– No messy clean-up; no neutralizers required
NOTE: This list represents SUGGESTED concrete stain color combinations only. A variety of faux finish effects and intensities of color can be created depending on the amount and combination of SmartColor or Designer Series Enhancers™ (“DS Enhancer”). Since the color and resolution of computer monitors will vary, NewLook recommends using representative jobsite samples to select final stain colors. Remember, faux finish techniques and skills are developed by practicing; refer to an experienced and trained installer. Supplement DS Enhancer colors for comparable SmartColor concrete stain color tones. Go now and color your world!
Forget acid stain! Use SmartColor to create your own decorative recipe. Try Milk Chocolate (SC-119) over Peanut Butter (SC-113). Or perhaps Hazelnut (SC-115) and Juneberry (SC-110) would look yummy together! Whatever your palate calls for, SmartColor is the right ingredient for your decorative concrete needs!For best results, create a mist of SmartColor(s) (picture left) over the intended surface using an airless or HVLP sprayer; a beautiful, variegated finish can be achieved through the various absorbencies of the substrate (picture left), as well as the unique weights of each SmartColor pigment. Depending on the desired effect, SmartColor may also be applied via pump sprayer, the NewLook Applicator Brush, bristle brush, sea sponge or paint roller. Watch the training videos!

Faux “Acid Stain” with Designer Series and HPLV

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