Faux Projects

Faux Finish with Water Based Concrete Stain

Acid stain isn’t the only concrete stain used for faux finishing! Water based concrete stain, like NewLook’s SmartColor, is commonly used to faux marble or create other faux finishes. Why worry about the corrosive mess and unpredictability of acid stain when you can depend on the color of NewLook’s water-based concrete stain? But NewLook’s water-based, non-reactive concrete stain like SmartColor enable you to easily faux finish, replicate the mottled effects of acid stain, or even create your own marketable style of faux finishes. Many installers start with a Solid Color Stain base and then go over it with a darker Enhancer or SmartColor.


NOTE: Faux finishing is a skill and technique developed from practice. The job sites in the Faux Gallery were installed by trained and experienced professionals. NewLook does not recommend attempting to faux finish without sufficient training, practice and then more practice. So…get practicing!