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Graf-X Graffiti Cleaner

Fast-Acting Graffiti & Paint Remover

Fast-Acting Graffiti & Paint Remover

NewLook Graf-X Cleaner™ is a fast-acting graffiti and paint remover. The water-based, biodegradable formula is more eco-friendly and works faster than most solvent based graffiti removers; Graf-X Cleaner attacks and breaks down the molecular bond between paint and the surface—making it easier to spray and wipe graffiti off Graf-X WB™, unpainted surfaces, and other permanent anti-graffiti coatings!

  • Breathable, UV-resistant and non-yellowing
  • Excellent penetration on porous surfaces
  • Suitable for painted surfaces
  • Mold and salt-air resistant
  • Great chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Long-lasting protection for all types of vertical surfaces
  • Water-based VOC compliant
  • Single-component, ambient cure

Coverage & Packaging


Varies with method of application.


32 Oz, 1G, 5G

How does Graf-X Graffiti Cleaner Work?

Graf-X Cleaner safely cleans graffiti from a variety of surfaces, including stucco, concrete, natural stone, rock, tile, fiberglass, aluminum, alloys, stainless steel, plastic, plexiglass, brick and other masonry surfaces. Commonly used to clean residential and commercial properites, as well as municipal walls, architectural fixtures, vehicles and street signs.

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