How to MIX the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain

How to Mix the ORIGINAL Solid Color Concrete Stain

Product Info

Restore and decorate your concrete with The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain™, a pro-grade water based decorative concrete stain made especially for use with existing, unsealed, interior or exterior concrete surfaces. The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain is NOT a paint. The advanced polymer-modified concrete stain formula penetrates the surface of porous concrete (as deep as the surface pores) and creates an opaque (solid), yet breathable finish that requires no sealer.*

  • Proven and proprietary formula since 1989!
  • 100% opaque concrete stain completely covers existing discolorations
  • Water based concrete stain formula is eco friendly
  • Penetrates as deep as the surface pores to leave a natural-looking finish
  • Water based stain formula is non-reactive & reliable
  • Fast-drying concrete stain