Nanoset Cleaner

Look at your janitorial supplies. Notice anything missing? Your closet of janitorial supplies looks naked, doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that. You need NewLook’s NanoSet Cleaner.

Revolutionary Polished Concrete Cleaning Product

NanoSet Cleaner is a revolutionary (polished) concrete cleaning product that combines powerful cleansing action with the protection of a nano-silica. It’s a water-based, non-corrosive polished concrete cleaner, ideal for the removal of surface dirt and soil from architectural concrete floor surfaces, especially polished concrete–making NanoSet Cleaner the first concrete cleaner of your janitorial supplies.
NanoSet Cleaner fortifies and helps protect polished concrete floors by introducing nano-silica as it cleans. Designed to be used with industrial auto scrubber machines as part of regular building maintenance for maximum value. Use as part of the NanoSet™ Polishing System.

Nano-Silica Technology

The NanoSet™ Polishing System utilizes a proprietary and green manufacturing process that leverages advanced, inert nano-technology to deliver sustainable and durable results. The concentrated dispersion of amorphous, nano-sized silica particles offer extensive chemical reaction-sites that penetrate concrete deeply and start reacting quickly and more efficiently upon contact, forming calcium silica hydrate (CSH), strengthening the concrete matrix and increasing its stain resistance. Did we mention it’s pretty awesome stuff, too?

  • Safe, non-corrosive concentrate
  • No rinsing required
  • Increased durability of (polished) concrete floors
  • Fortifies concrete substrate
  • Water-based, eco-friendly product
  • Conveniently used with industrial auto scrubbing machines

Resources & Packaging


1 gallon Covers approximately (1,500 to 2,000 square feet) per gallon


32 oz. spray
1G , 5G, 55G & 275G

Working Tips & Keys to Success

• Gum and other larger, bond-breaking residues should be scraped off the surface before cleaning
• For heavy dirt and grease increase ratio to as much as 10 ounces of NanoSet Cleaner to
one (1) gallon of water with brushes and a squeegee
using a “figure 8” motion to reduce streaking and prevent puddling
• NanoSet Cleaner is designed for use with “auto scrubber” machine cleaning
• Mop applications require a separate rinse water bucket to clean the mop
• No rinsing is required for either cleaning method

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