Nanoset Densifier

NewLook Nanoset Densifiers penetrate polished concrete to increase surface density and hardness.

Penetrating Polished Concrete to Increase Surface Density and Concrete Hardness

Newlook provides two types of Nanoset Densifiers, Nanoset Densifier LI and Nanoset Densifier NS. Nanoset Densifier Li is an effective blend of reactive lithium silicate that penetrates polished concrete to increase surface density and hardness. While Nanoset Densifier NS is a nano silica based densifier that also densifies and increases the overall hardness of the concrete. Read below to learn more about the different densifiers and how they can be effective for your projects.

Nanoset Densifier NS

NanoSet Densifier NS™ is an advanced blend of reactive nano silica that penetrates polished concrete deeply and efficiently to increase surface density and hardness, as well as provide additional protection and longevity of the polished concrete substrate.

The water-based formulation has concentrated nano-sized silica particles (5 nm) with a pH of 9.5 that permanently bonds with existing concrete chemicals, offering incredible protection and longevity.

Nanoset Li

NanoSet Densifier Li™ is an effective blend of reactive lithium silicate that penetrates polished concrete to increase surface density and hardness.

The water-based lithium silicate formula has a pH of 10.8 and helps preserve the structural integrity of concrete during the polishing process. NanoSet Densifier Li offers good water repellency and provides longevity to the performance of the substrate.

NanoSet Densifier Li is installed like any other lithium densifier. Spray and scrub.

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1G Coverage rate is 300 to 600 (average 500) square feet per mixed gallon


1q, 1G, 5G

“Amazing. NanoSet Densifier NS is truly faster, easier and cheaper than [what I’ve used in the past]. I’m totally switching. ” — H. Carter; Akron, OH


The NanoSet™ Concrete Polishing System utilizes a proprietary and green manufacturing process and leverages advanced, inert nano-technology to deliver sustainable and durable results. The concentrated dispersion of amorphous, nano silica particles offer extensive chemical reaction-sites that penetrate deeply and start reacting quickly and more efficiently upon contact, forming calcium silica hydrate (CSH) and strengthening the concrete matrix and increasing its stain resistance. Download the TDS to learn how to polish concrete floors.

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