Cleaners & Preparation

Clean & Prepare Surfaces

Clean, strip & degrease all types of surfaces with NewLook’s line of cleaner products. MeanKlean products are not just for concrete. They can be used to clean metal, walls and all other types of surfaces.

Cleaners & Preparation

To get started on a new project, the concrete must be cleaned & prepped. NewLook offers a number of products that help clean, strip, degrease, etch and remove efflorescence from concrete. Many of the cleaners are safe for the environment and biodegradable.


To learn more about the Cleaning & Preparation products check out the links below:

Cement Color

Easy Strip 1000


Concrete Stripper

Easy Strip 2000
Efflorescence Remover

Efflock Efflorescence Remover
Graf-X Cleaner

Graf-X Cleaner
Concrete Cleaner

Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner
Concrete Degreaser

Mean Klean Concrete Degreaser
Concrete Dissolver

Mean Klean Concrete & Mortar Dissolver

Mean Klean EcoAcid PLUS
Concrete Etching