Graf-X WB Anti-Graffiti

Graf-X WB Anti-Graffiti

Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating

Permanent Anti-graffiti Coating to Protect Masonry Surfaces

NewLook Graf-X WB™ is a permanent anti-graffiti coating designed to protect a variety of vertical masonry surfaces from graffiti. The water based formula leverages advanced polymeric nano-fusion technology that penetrates deeply and yields a clear, breathable film for long-lasting protection. Graffiti and paint may be removed from Graf-X WB several times before re-coating is necessary. Graf-X WB is odorless, non-yellowing, mold-resistant and UV-resistant. Use indoors and outdoors. Common applications include concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, masonry blocks, natural stone and other porous surfaces.

Anti-Graffiti Coating
Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating

What makes it great!

  • Breathable, UV-resistant and non-yellowing
  • Excellent penetration on porous surfaces
  • Suitable for painted surfaces
  • Mold and salt-air resistant
  • Great chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Long-lasting protection for all types of vertical surfaces
  • Water-based VOC compliant
  • Single-component, ambient cure

“I’m sure the nano-technology gives it something special, but I just like the fact that it works! We’re using it for our municipal customers.”

— M. Fontana; Richmond, VA

Coverage & Packaging

  • 1 Gallon covers approximately 100 sq feet
  • 5 Gallons covers approximately 500 sq feet

Note: Temperature, surface porosity and application methods may affect coverage rate.

Anti-Graffiti Stain
Graf x Cleaner

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NewLook Graf-X Cleaner™ is a fast-acting graffiti and paint remover. The water-based, biodegradable formula is more eco-friendly and works faster than most solvent based graffiti removers; Graf-X Cleaner attacks and breaks down the molecular bond between paint and the surface—making it easier to spray and wipe graffiti off Graf-X WB™, unpainted surfaces, and other permanent anti-graffiti coatings!

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