EnduraCool Stain – Cool Concrete by up to 50° F

EnduraCool Stain – Cool Concrete by up to 50° F (10°C)

NEW line of single component concrete stains that are highly durable and easy to use. Developed to stain concrete, restore faded concrete or maintain concrete, EnduraStain is affordable while being premium in quality & performance.

Reduce Concrete Temperature by up to 50° F

A premium quality SINGLE COMPONENT water-based, polymer-modified concrete color stain used to reduce the surface temperature of existing concrete. The patent-pending formula uses revolutionary infrared reflective technology to increase the solar reflectivity of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight, reducing the surface temperature by up to 50° F! EnduraCool Stain provides a completely opaque, breathable and natural-looking finish. Perfect for use on concrete pool decks and municipal projects.

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Benefits of Endura Cool Stain

  • Reduces surface temperature up to 50° F
  • Increases solar reflectivity & emissivity
  • Lowers energy absorption
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island effect
  • Single Component Stain

Keep Cool on the Hottest Concrete!

Endura Cool Stain works great on all types of concrete. Since Endura Cool Stain is a single component concrete stain it can be used for both commercial and personal use. The stain can be used in numerous locations including those listed below.

  • Walkways and sidewalks
  • Patios and verandas
  • Pool Decks
  • Large Areas of Concrete