Better Penetration. Better Adhesion. Better Value.

Restore, decorate and revitalize your concrete and masonry floors using NewLook’s award-winning SmartColor™, a premium water-based nano-acrylic decorative concrete stain. Formulated with advanced nano-technology, SmartColor offers efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion to a variety of porous substrates. It is water-submersible, alkali, weather and UV light resistant. The environmentally friendly concrete stain formula is the safe, user-friendly alternative to hazardous and unreliable solvents or acid stain. SmartColor concrete stains require a top coat and are compatible with solvent-based, water-based, single and two component products, including but not limited to acrylics, epoxies and urethane sealers. Browse color options here.

SmartColor C1
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What makes it great!

  • You’re in control! Semi-opaque finish or increase dilution to achieve desired transparency on concrete floors
  • Super simple! Single component solution is easy to mix and install
  • Tough stuff! Advanced nano-acrylic formula yields efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion that is extremely durable
  • Durable! Weather and UV resistant; use indoors and outdoor
  • Non-Invasive! Low odor; no respirators required
  • Eco-Friendly! The VOC < 100 g/L — no red label or hazmat

“I have always appreciated SmartColor stains for their artistic qualities. Now I have confidence in its tenacious bond to properly prepared concrete surfaces. I recently had the experience of removing stains and sealers from…concrete. It took twice as long to remove the finishes as it did to apply them. Thanks for making the removal so difficult.”

— Steve Bramon, Sedona, AZ


Applications & Uses

SmartColor is more than just a reliable concrete stain in a plastic bottle. Yes, so much more! It’s a user-friendly decorative concrete stain for restoring existing concrete and other porous substrates, including:

  • Pavers, masonry, stucco, and concrete
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Compatible with neutralized acid stain, polymer-modified and acrylic decorative concrete stains
  • Compatible with overlayments, micro-toppings and resurfacers as a topical stain and integral cement color
  • May be applied over sealed surfaces; easily maintainable


SmartColor C3
SmartColor C4

How to Cook Up a Gorgeous Finish

Forget acid stain! Use SmartColor to create your own appetizing decorative recipe. Try Milk Chocolate (SC-119) over Peanut Butter (SC-113). Or perhaps Hazelnut (SC-115) and Juneberry (SC-110) would look yummy together! Whatever your palate calls for, SmartColor is the right ingredient for your decorative concrete needs!

For best results, create a mist of mouth-watering SmartColor over the intended surface using an airless or HVLP sprayer; a beautiful, variegated finish can be achieved through the various absorbencies of the substrate, as well as the unique weights of each SmartColor pigment. Depending on the desired effect, SmartColor may also be applied via pump sprayer, the NewLook Applicator Brush, bristle brush, sea sponge or paint roller. Watch the training videos below for more information.


Coverage & Packaging

SmartColor is a single-component concrete stain that is diluted with clean, yummy water to yield the following delicious coverage rates:

  • 4 oz Test (yields 20 ounces) covers 35-50 sq. ft.*
  • 33 oz. (yields 1.25 gallons) covers 250-400 sq. ft.*
  • 1 gallon (yields 5 gallons) covers 800-1600 sq. ft.*
  • 5 gallon (yields 20 gallons) covers 5000-8000 sq. ft.*
  • 55 gallon container available.

*Rates will vary based upon dilution. Recommended dilution for Smart Color is 1 part product to 3 parts water. Dilution can vary based on desired transparency. Do not use undiluted. Test dilution in a conspicuous area before applying stain.

SmartColor C6

How SmartColor can help contribute to LEED credits

  • EQ Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings
  • MR Credit 5.1 Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally
  • MR Credit 5.2 Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally

*While not required, mixing with distilled, deionized or reverse osmosis water may help to ensure product durability and optimal adhesion. Coverage is based on concrete substrate porosity, moisture content, surface temperature and application method.


Watch Videos

Smart Color Concrete Stain Video

How to stain with SmartColor


Stain & Stencil Concrete Floors


SmartColor Blue Garage Floor Project


SmartColor C7

What makes NewLook better than the competition

Q: How do you figure SmartColor is a “better product at a better price” than the competition?
A: SmartColor is a water-based, NANO-ACRYLIC concrete stain that leverages advanced nano-technology in a higher concentration of resin binding agent, which are premium grade. There are also less VOC’s and stronger pigment suspension than the competition. This yields a more efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion. The competition also requires the use of special water and a silicate “boost” additive that supposedly makes their stain stick. But SmartColor does not require special water and or boosting additive. Thus…

Competition Cost: Stain + Special Water + Base Boost = $$$
SmartColor Cost: Stain = $