Biodegradable Solution to Etch Concrete Floors

QuickEtch is safer to use than hydrochloric or muriatic acid. Use when you need a deep etch and are not able to use a grinder. Thoroughly flush, pressure wash and/or neutralize the surface with an alkaline solution such as baking soda. QuickEtch is a solution that provides no dust compared with sandblasting, grinding or shotblasting. (QuickEtch is NOT to be used as a cleaner; Rather, use 3in1 Prep as an exfoliating concrete cleaner, etcher and degreaser.) 

Use QuickEtch with Modello’s easy to-use decorative masking stencils to etch a non-slip decorative concrete pattern. The longer you leave QuickEtch on the suface, the deeper the etch. Want to learn how to etch concrete floors? Join us at a product demo training.

Resources & Packaging


1 G: Covers approx.
50-150 sq ft (5-9 sq meters)



1G, 5G,
55G & 275G

“I love using QuickEtch because it works so fast. It has a better smell and…the etch is more uniform than [muriatic acid]. I use it on just about every job…it’s got to be one of the best concrete etching products I’ve ever used.” –K. Winston; Dover, CA

Where to use QuickEtch

  • Both green (fresh) and mature concrete floors
  • Factory and warehouse concrete floors
  • Etch concrete stairways
  • Tilt-up concrete etching
  • Exposed vertical or overhead concrete etching
  • Masonry that needs to be etched
  • Decorative concrete stencil etching


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