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Oil, Water & Stain Repellant Penetrating Concrete Sealer

SharkSeal™ is a water and oil repellant penetrating concrete sealer with color enhancing properties based on a blend of complex resins including nano-enhanced fluoropolymers. It penetrates deep into porous surfaces such as interior or exterior concrete, stone and pavers, yet is compatible as an enhancing sealer over NewLook color stains. Easily clean surfaces with SharkSeal™ as it repels dirt, dust and resists stains from most common spills including dirty auto fluids, beverages and many other fluids. SharkSeal has low VOC’s and will not blush or yellow. Prolongs the life of concrete affected by winter freeze-thaw cycle and salt intrusion. SharkSeal™ is breathable, dries quickly, with strong abrasion and chemical resistance, and good hot/wet tire pickup resistance. It also enhances the color of the substrate when it is applied in two wet-on-wet coats.


Coverage: Apply heavy to the point of rejection with two wet-on-wet coats achieving approximately 200 – 300 square feet (18 – 27 square meters) using a pump or airless sprayer, or with a brush, low-nap roller or microfiber pad on tighter surfaces.



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