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SmartSeal WB

Add life and longevity to your (stained) concrete with SmartSeal WB, a nano-acrylic, top coat sealer for general use.

Premium Water-Based Sealer

The water-based formula is used to protect all NewLook concrete stains, properly prepared concrete floors, pool decks and other concrete and masonry surfaces.
SmartSeal WB dries quickly and, once cured, creates an abrasion-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection against sun, rain, most acids, industrial chemicals, oil and grease. SmartSeal WB complies with all environmental regulations (VOC < 100 g/L).

Features & Benefits

  • Water-based, nano-acrylic
  • Good exterior & interior surface protection
  • Excellent blush & early water resistance
  • May be applied to damp concrete surfaces
  • Good hot-tire pickup resistance
  • Early block resistance; reduces dirt pickup
  • Non-yellowing
  • Water-based, eco-friendly solution
  • UV-resistant; strong UV-blockers
  • Resistant to water, chemicals and abrasion

Resources & Packaging


1G cover (250 to 400 sq. ft) Unsealed Surfaces
& (400 to 600 sq. ft.) Stained or Sealed Surfaces



1G, 5G, 55G

Using SmartSeal WB with other NewLook products

SmartSeal WB is the best general purpose concrete sealer on the market; it resists light to moderate traffic and protects your stained concrete floor from wear and tear. Use SmartSeal WB as a concrete driveway sealer and stamped concrete sealer, among other applications. Plus, you can install NewLook concrete stains over SmartSeal WB without stripping it!

SmartColor and other NewLook stains may be installed over cured SmartSeal WB. Apply SmartSeal WB with NewLook’s Gription slip-resistant grit for greater traction.

  • Light-to-moderate traffic concrete & masonry
  • Interior and exterior concrete floors
  • Residential and commerical
  • Garage floors
  • Kitchen and basements
  • Concrete driveway sealer
  • Stamped concrete sealer

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