Tiquewash How to Video

How to apply Tiquewash to concrete

Water Based Antiquing Colorant for Stamped Concrete

Working with Tiquewash

Restore and revitalize your stamped concrete with TiqueWash™, a superior antiquing concrete stain colorant used to easily create a natural-looking, multi-toned finish on textured concrete surfaces. The high-quality water soluble formula includes ultra-fine polymers for improved surface penetration and strong adhesion when sealed with NewLook SmartSeal™ or other compatible sealers. The TiqueWash powder is mixed with water to create a secondary highlight, a translucent color wash that runs off high spots and settles in the low spots of textured concrete. Use TiqueWash to restore the color of faded concrete or create an antique color finish for stamped concrete.

  • Cement based formula yields a natural-looking finish
  • Optimal pigment loading for improved adhesion and bonding
  • Ultra fine polymers for efficient penetration
  • Many popular, natural-looking colors
  • Water based stain formula is non-reactive & reliable — you can bet on the color!
  • Fast-drying concrete stain imposes minimal business interruption
  • Easily brushed on with the NewLook Applicator Brush